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World class quality and excellence are components of the corporate ethos that made Philmetal Products Inc. a trusted name for decades.


COLORBOND pre-painted roof profiles are factory-painted roofing materials that are made using 100% genuine GALVALUME® 55 as a substrate. Roof durability is reinforced with the dual layers of paint (finished and primer) top and bottom coats that provide additional corrosion protection and longer lasting color and shine.

Galvabond® STEELDEK

The best in metal form works technology, this profile is made from high tensile 80,000psi GALVABOND substrate with a 51mm RIB Height.

Colorbond® Cladding

Cool, Sleek, Consistent durability that lasts. Made of GALVALUME55, with 55% aluminum, guaranteed to outlast ordinary G.I. sheets by 3 to 6 lifetimes.

Galvaframe Wall Framing System

TESTED FOR TYPHOON AND EARTHQUAKE RESILIENCY: Philmetal's Galvaframe, a light gauge steel frame system is now AITECH accredited

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