Galvaframe® System

Discover the award-winning Galvaframe® Light Gauge Framing System.

A Resilient Building Solution for a Secure Future! Durable, Economical, and easily installable innovation, recognized by AITECH. Embraced by the National Housing Authority (NHA).

Galvaframe® System is the answer to mass housing projects needing resilience against typhoons and earthquakes that regularly affect the country. Built for mass housing projects that require resiliency against typhoons and earthquakes, which the country regularly experiences.

  • Built for Structural Stability

    Made from prime Galvabond Pure Zinc, Galvaframe® complies with strict Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), ensuring unparalleled structural stability and safety.

  • Enduring Strength and Safety

    Experience peace of mind with Galvaframe® steel's inherent quality and strength, providing fire resistance and unmatched durability against typhoons and earthquakes.

  • Unleash Your Design Vision

    Galvaframe® offers design flexibility, accommodating any structure size. It's compatible with bricks and concrete, allowing larger bearing sizes between load-bearing walls.

  • Cost-Effective & Swift Construction

    Enjoy significant savings with Galvaframe®, offering a more cost-effective solution that enables construction five times faster than conventional materials.


Product Specifications: 
  • 0.40 to 1.80mm x 2.44 mm
Product Specifications:
  • 0.40 to 1.60 mm x 1220 mm
  • 0.40 – 1.80 mm x 1220 mm


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