What are the Philmetal's products?

Philmetal Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Colorbond Pre-Painted roofing, offering profiles such as Tiled, Ribbed, Structural V Profile, Pre-Painted Corrugated, Anti-Leak, and Cladding. They also provide the Galvaframe Framing System and Galvabond Steeldek for reliable structural support and versatile decking solutions. High-quality, durability, and customization options make them the trusted choice for your building needs.

What makes COLORBOND different from other pre-painted roofing?

Philmetal’s COLORBOND is a superior pre-painted GALVALUME® 55 steel strip. It is produced through a continuous color-coating process under strict quality control to ensure a complete metal to paint bond.

COLORBOND pre-painted roof profiles are factory-painted roofing materials that are made using 100% genuine GALVALUME® 55 as a substrate. Roof durability is reinforced with the dual layers of paint (finished and primer) top and bottom coats that provide additional corrosion protection and longer lasting color and shine.

Why Metal Cladding is more convenient from conventional cladding?

Conventional cladding used wood and cement boards to provide fascia ceiling and sidings needs. Metal cladding is a better option that offers pest-free, rust-free and fire-resistant fascia, ceiling and siding. Metal cladding provides beauty and durability that lasts years of usage. Metal is also the most sensible and economical alternative to wood, concrete, gypsum and mineral fiber boards.

The companies under Philsteel Holdings — Philmetal and Premier Shelter – offer this global class metal cladding under the trademarks of Versa Clad, EZ Clad and Panel Rib.

What makes GALVABOND superior?

GALVABOND Pure Zinc by Philsteel is produced in a line designed by the world’s best galvanizing engineering companies. This line produces high quality galvanized steel products. This versatile product is recommended for a wide range of applications for Building Products, the Industrial Market and the Dealers Market. GALVABOND Pure Zinc offers these superior benefits:

  • Table-top flatness of the finished product with the use of precision tension levelers

  • World-class Lock Forming Quality that enables the product to resist cracking and peeling of metal coating.

  • The metal coating is certified to have NO LEAD. Lead is a known carcinogenic agent.

  • Processed under strict quality control to assure lifetime performance, durability and flexibility.

What is Galvaframe Framing System?

Galvaframe System is a light gauge framing  that utilizes Galvalume55, to create the structural framework of a building. The metal components, known as light gauge steel or light gauge metal, are formed into sections such as studs, tracks, joists, and headers. These sections are then assembled to create walls, floors, roofs, and other structural elements of a building.

What are the benefits of Galvaframe over conventional framing?

Significance of Galvaframe System over Conventional Framing:

Cost-effective: Galvaframe Systems are generally more cost-effective than conventional framing methods. The materials used in light gauge framing, such as steel or aluminum, are often more affordable and readily available, leading to potential cost savings in construction projects.

Lightweight: Galvaframe Systems are significantly lighter compared to conventional framing methods, which typically involve the use of heavier materials such as wood. The lightweight nature of light gauge framing simplifies transportation, handling, and installation processes, reducing labor costs and improving overall construction efficiency.

Strength and Durability: Despite their lightweight construction, Galvaframe Systems offer exceptional strength and durability. The use of high-strength steel or aluminum alloys provides structural integrity and resistance to various forces, including wind, earthquakes, and other environmental impacts.

Consistency and Precision: Galvaframe Systems are manufactured using precise computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) techniques. This ensures consistency and accuracy in component production, resulting in a high level of precision during assembly. As a result, Galvaframe Systems often have fewer installation issues and provide tighter tolerances for improved overall quality.

Resistance to Fire and Insects: Galvaframe Systems, particularly those constructed with steel, offer superior resistance to fire and insect damage. Steel framing is non-combustible, reducing the risk of fire spread within a structure. Additionally, steel is not susceptible to termite or other insect infestations, ensuring long-term structural integrity.

Design Flexibility: Galvaframe Systems provide greater design flexibility compared to conventional framing methods. The use of standardized components allows for efficient customization and modifications during the construction process, enabling architects and builders to create unique and intricate designs more easily.

Sustainable Solution: Galvaframe Systems are environmentally friendly. They often incorporate recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. Additionally, the lightweight nature of these systems reduces the environmental impact associated with transportation and can contribute to improved energy efficiency in buildings.

Reduced Construction Time: Galvaframe Systems are typically prefabricated off-site, allowing for faster construction times compared to conventional methods. The precise manufacturing processes, ease of assembly, and reduced reliance on on-site fabrication contribute to shorter project schedules, enabling faster project completion and cost savings.

Overall, the use of Galvaframe Systems offers numerous advantages over conventional framing methods, including cost-effectiveness, strength, durability, design flexibility, and sustainability. These systems provide a modern, efficient, and reliable solution for various construction projects.

What is Galvabond Steeldek and what are its benefits?

Galvabond Steeldek offers numerous benefits in building construction and infrastructure projects:

Strength and Durability: Galvabond Steeldek is known for its exceptional strength and durability. It can withstand heavy loads, making it suitable for high-rise buildings, bridges, and other structures that require robust support. It also provides long-term performance and structural integrity.

Speed of Construction: Galvabond Steeldek is often prefabricated off-site, allowing for faster construction times. The pre-cut and pre-engineered steel panels are delivered to the site and easily installed, reducing construction schedules and improving project efficiency.

Fire Resistance: Galvabond Steeldek offers excellent fire resistance. It acts as a protective layer that prevents fire from spreading between floors. This feature enhances the overall fire safety of a building and provides valuable time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Sustainability: Galvabond Steeldek is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is often made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Additionally, its lightweight nature reduces transportation costs and energy consumption during construction.

Flexibility in Design: Galvabond Steeldek allows for greater design flexibility. It can be customized to fit various architectural requirements and supports different floor configurations. Its versatility enables architects and engineers to create innovative and unique structures.

Safety: Galvabond Steeldek provides a safe working platform during construction. It offers a stable surface for workers to move and perform tasks, reducing the risk of accidents and falls. The installation process is also safer due to the lightweight nature of Galvabond Steeldek components.

Reduced Floor Thickness: Galvabond Steeldek allows for thinner floor slabs compared to other construction materials. This leads to reduced overall building height, resulting in cost savings and increased usable space within the structure.

Long Span Capabilities: Galvabond Steeldek can span long distances, reducing the need for intermediate supports or columns. This feature provides open and flexible floor layouts, enabling efficient use of space in buildings and infrastructure projects.

Compatibility with Other Materials: Galvabond Steeldek integrates well with other building materials, such as concrete, to create composite structures. The combination of Galvabond Steeldek and concrete enhances load-bearing capacity, stiffness, and overall structural performance.

Overall, the benefits of Galvabond Steeldek in building construction and infrastructure projects include strength, durability, speed of construction, fire resistance, sustainability, design flexibility, safety, reduced floor thickness, long span capabilities, and compatibility with other materials. These advantages contribute to efficient construction processes, improved structural performance, and cost-effective solutions.

What makes Galvalume55® a perfect substrate for roofing?

Ideal for modern day steel roof designs which are strong, yet lightweight, Galvalume55® sheet roofs won’t crack and peel when subjected to the sun and weather unlike conventional nonmetallic roof systems.

Galvalume55® sheet is an ideal material for roofing because of its extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance that results in longer product usage. The product can readily be roll-formed into a variety of profiles, as well as formed and stamped into tile and shingle facsimiles. It is also factor- painted to impart color and extend durability.

In the Philippines, Philsteel Holdings Corporation, through its subsidiary Steel Corporation of the Philippines, holds the trademarked copyright for the brand name GALVALUME® 55.

There are specific requirements for each market segment and every project. When buying a roof, it is best to first decide what specific purpose is intended.

For residential roofing, the following roof profiles are recommended:

Rib-type – a basic economical roof profile that still offers beauty. Available in SPANDEK 1220, SPANDEK 915 and DURAWIDE 915

Duo-rib – the beauty and economy of a rib profile with the strength of a dual rib— SUPER V CRIMP.

Corrugated – provides beauty, economy and strength. This comes in STANCORR 1220, STANCORR 915, ECONOCORR 1220 and ORDINARY CORR 915. The difference in each profile lies in the rib height.

Tile effect – Beauty and economy in a tile-effect look. This comes in RUSKO, TIARA, SIENA and STEEL TILE. You can select the unique tile-effect to complement the house motif you have in mind.

For commercial and industrial use, the following profiles are recommended:

Anti-leak – Also called concealed fastening roofs (CFR), the anti-leak roof profiles were developed using a breakthrough system in which the fastening of the roof is done by a clip or a bracelet with no pierce fastening screws directly holding down the roofing panel. These come in the trademarks of KLIPLOK, CRIMPLOK 407, CRIMPLOK 610 and FLEXICRIMP.

V-profile – These profiles allow roof installation at almost zero slope or flat surface. The deep ribs on these roof profiles permit flow of rainfall smoothly without having to slant the roof. These come in 100mm and 75mm rib heights and are available under the name MEGADEK 100, MEGADEK 75, and SUPER V DEK1220.